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What's this?

Lemonade tools is a set of web applications based in the lemonade R library.

These tools use the reactive technology provided by Shiny and are executed in a Shiny server.

In the right side of this page you can see two simple applications created with the Shiny technology.

Lemon Assistant

With this tool (here) you can create lemon patterns (lexicalizations) for a given ontology, in three different lenguages (English Spanish and German) by exploiting the sentence-generation capabilities of lemonade.


Once you have the lemon code stored in a triple store (let us say a Fuseky server), use Leire (here) to execute some tests to the data in order to find inconsistences or hints about possible errors.


Mariano Rico (guitar), Christina Unger (drums).

Supported by

LIDER (EU FP7 project No. 610782) and MINECO’s JdC Grant (JCI-2012-12719) and INFRA (UNPM13-4E-1814).


  • Ontology Engineering Group (OEG), UPM, Spain.
  • Semantic Computing Group, CITEC, Univ. Bielefeld, Germany.
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